Songs you might want to listen to

I love music…I’m also sure that everybody and their mama says the same, in fact I think it would be more strange to be one that hates the sound of music.

It’s been proven time and time again music somehow plays a part in our performance whenever we are under stress, or we are quietly studying, lifting, running or just finding a way to kill time. It plays a part of our emotions as well typically you listen to certain types of music to how you generally feel I don’t think I am alone in this.

I have my own personal workout playlist I like to listen to when I’m running usually on rare occasions I will listen to this playlist while I’m lifting if I wasn’t feeling the day. Sometimes I don’t play music at all and just get right into it, its whatever works for you whether its one of the three or a mixture of all three.

M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar

This is one of my favorite songs when it comes to running the beat just strikes a chord deep within nearly primal to me. If you haven’t ever heard of Good Kid MaaD City from Kendrick Lamar its worth a listen from start to finish, he tells a story of a day in Compton essentially and its very coherent and shows how brilliant hip hop can be at times.

Panic Switch – Silversun Pickups

Another one of my favorites although it took me years to figure out the lead singer was a guy. Despite his sexually ambiguous voice it goes along perfect to the riffs in this song. Also I’m not going to lie I have no idea exactly what a riff is since I’m not a music major, I just know the bassists is laying down a good sound and the electric guitar occasionally comes in with something killer.

Ghost – Snakadaktal

I have some sort of an affinity towards female singers and its a super chill song and I used to love kicking off long study sessions with this song playing in the background. For runs its excellent when you’re outdoors and have things to look at such as trails in the woods or whatever you fancy.

Can’t You See – Marshall Tucker Band

I heard this song for the first time in 2011 and it just spoke to me. I love it for running and love it driving down back roads in North Carolina full blast with the windows down, singing as loud and as horribly I can.

I Am Who Am – Mac Miller

The origin of the title is the answer God gave moses when he asked for his name I believe during of which when he came to him as a burning bush. In my opinion this is probably one of Mac Miller’s best songs where he actually goes on a more serious note. Although I am a fan of Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza its cool to see a rapper grow musically.

Rooster – Alice In Chains

Jerry Cantrell’s interpretations of how Vietnam was like for his father the song is chilling, awesome, and long enough to cover some good distance with when your running or at least finish a set.

Dead Underground – Opiate For The Masses

A post hardcore band from Arizona I admittedly don’t know much about them other than their band name comes from a paraphrased quote from Karl Max. I first heard this song actually when I was watching some footage of a hostage rescue in Afghanistan, the guys decided this would be a good song to play in the background and I definitely agree.


Fat acceptance

What the fucking fuck.

Hello America, its your favorite allegedly black man and chances you are in love with me don’t worry we can date.

I haven’t wrote in a long time but this topic of interest compelled me so much that I felt the need to log on to my nearest computer to express my thoughts on a subject that isn’t brought out enough, I should say actually a point of view although I’m sure that many feel my sentiments in these next few sentences.

Fat acceptance is probably one of the most ridiculous movements I have ever heard in a long time, and let me get one thing clear it’s never right to treat people like shit based on looks. Although, equally its not fucking right to try to spread delusions such as fat can be healthy. Unless of course you don’t count heart disease, stroke, pregnancy issues, depression, sleep apnea, cholecystitis and many more. Trying to spread disinformation to make yourself feel better is doing a disservice fuck, injustice to the youth of America today.

Look I had been on both sides of the coin I had been fat as well, when I was younger I would find some sort of excuse for it like my metabolism was bad, that I was big boned, and various other bullshit excuses for me to escape my own reality. Truthfully, I was just fat and found physical activity undesirable so the next reasonable thing in my mind is that I go bulimic and lose the weight. I definitely lost tons of weight, I was also definitely not in a good place besides the fact that I was constantly tired still hungry and my mouth always tasted like vomit. Shortly after I gained all that weight back and more, how awesome right?

Then 2010 happened some major changes in my life occurred and I was actually forced to conduct physical activities. I lost the weight and felt better not only that but I had even began to start enjoying being physically active, a couple years later I started attending gyms and partaking in weight training fell in love & became addicted to the life style.

Nothing worth having is ever easy and life is never fair don’t expect to bend this outlook on “society” because you don’t want to change. Yes, you don’t owe it to anybody but you do owe it to yourself and if you can’t recognize that I fail to see how you do respect yourself. That might be just my issue but the fact of the matter is I have been on that side.

Notice in the image above the woman who posted that Facebook status called the two girls sluts immediately after noticing they themselves weren’t large girls. How is that not as judgmental as the treatment I hear so often on the other side of the bridge? The sad part is there’s thousands of examples of these circulating around the internet. If you want to be fat & proud thats okay go forth and be merry but don’t do that in expense of putting others down, all that shows is your own insecurities about yourself.

So now what?

If you’re still reading and this applies to you I have few places to start if you’re willing and you must be willing.

Set up goals… your goals should be non-cosmetic I find that when people typically want to work-out to look good they typically stop when they start looking better, and then they are back to where they started.

Ask, ask, ask… don’t be nervous to ask questions to people who obviously know what they are doing, and observe what other people are doing. To this day I still learn new ways to work out different muscle groups and new ways of thinking.

Don’t be afraid of looking stupid everybody looks stupid when they are whole heartily engaged in anything. Lose sense of yourself put on headphones and listen to some good music, or a podcast get yourself immersed in what you’re doing. Most of the time everybody else is too busy to pay attention to you.

Lastly as cliché as this sounds have fun with it nobody says it has to be shitty, do things you enjoy whether that is running, lifting, swimming, or biking just know you get out what you put in. If you put in half ass attempts you’ll get half ass results don’t cheat yourself when it hurts and it’ll pay dividends in the future.

J.Cole – Losing My Balance