Officers in America

America the home of the free and land of the brave. We should also add that we are the land of unnecessary police aggression, granted we aren’t as bad as some other nations but when officers are shooting twelve year olds to death in parks something has to change.

To give you some insight to this video shown here his Tamir Rice the twelve year old kid who is waving around a pellet gun in a park, he probably shouldn’t of been doing that since A. He’s black and B. waving around anything that looks like a real gun is asking for bad things to happen.

What gets me though in this video is how quick the officers in question were at in reacting to this, they just drive up and murder him right then and there. There isn’t any warning, theres no stand off its just one squad car with two cops coming in and murdering a child on video tape.

I understand self preservation above all else. No one is asking you to die in this situation but how much more differently could have this situation played out if they devoted a little bit more resources to this scene? They could have blocked off the roads on both sides so he has no where to go, they could have distance themselves further just at twenty five meters I could almost guarantee no one would have been hit with a bullet.

This past year alone there has been so many examples of an over aggressive police force quick to shoot, rather than deescalating situations. You’re not fighting a war with an uniformed military, you are supposed to be keeping peace in the society and helping those in need. You’re suppose to be public servants not governmental death squads keeping people in line through fear.

If nothing else changes to the training of officers today in the United States, at the bare minimum officers of the law should have to wear cameras on their uniforms. We run off a system of checks and balances if someone with power goes unchecked they run amok, and form into something more abusive than helpful. This isn’t a new idea either history has shown this same situation played out time after time again, whether it be politicians or guys with guns who shoot indiscriminately like armed thugs.

The cameras will remind them to behave appropriately and force them to think about their actions before they carry out. On the flip side it’ll protect the good officers from unnecessary stress from the he said/she said games, we’ll take out the complete guess work out of potentially criminal cases with these officers. Of course thats a lot of money to spend initially outfitting everybody with recording devices, but our state governments and even our federal governments spend money on tons of other stupid shit.

So, lets invest in protecting ourselves and our rights there shouldn’t be a price tag for that.