Time Capsule

I haven’t posted in a long time, and it’s a good thing I haven’t. Rereading some of the things I’ve written has been sometimes funny and kind of embarrassing to look back on. That’s just life though, we always think we are above who we were some years ago. Which may or may not be true. Enter #NewYearNewMe, despite every year that passes I recognize another character flaw another thing that I should work on. While this is not novel for anyone who has lived quite sometime now, it’s still something that does not come up naturally in conversations and I’m not sure that will ever change. We will always be doomed to realize our short-comings perceived or real. Sometimes, I find this empowering in a sense as well as equally depressing.


This entire year was spent reflecting on the choices I’ve made over the years, the person I represented and the drawbacks of those decisions/personality traits of both. We all make poor choices, we communicate with each other negatively and sometimes as a result we are left with some regret or insight. What’s important is you get to choose your mode of travel, at some point everyone gets to a zone were they overly attack themselves. Instead of building on weaknesses they further exploit it and dig themselves further into a literary hole, or we try to become blissfully ignorant of the said issue either thinking it is not a problem or just actively oblivious. The most productive way and still not novel but yet the hardest route to walk is to evaluate yourself objectively and chase improvement.


Voluntary change is hard for more reasons than just one. Anyone that has ever tried a diet can speak from first hand. Temptations never become as apparent as the moment you shift tracks it’s as if you are moving against the current of the ocean. As the old proverb goes you are the company you keep and a step further you are what your company thinks of you. If you somehow have no friends or family in a close social circle, which can be believable in this day you still have the company of yourself. The brain,  that is used to behaving in certain ways to change itself is a herculean effort.

So, before you make your new year’s resolution realize that your goals may be grandiose they require a lot of energy and will. A fortitude of steel. Just remember don’t believe your own hype and don’t entrench yourself in the bullshit.




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