FRG’s and Bullshit

My daily interactions with strangers are often awkward at best, most often I’m referring to the forced small talk when another individual and yourself are in some sort of confide space of some sort.

It’s no secret that I’m the literal definition of gym rat; one thing I’ve noticed is the bigger I got the more times I ended up with conversations with random strangers. Not that I’m against it by any means, its just when I’m working out I tend to zone out consciously to my various playlists even one I affectionally named “fucking cunts.” Some times it’s just newbies interested in how to gain size or strength, I usually can’t provide them an answer other than hey just lift heavy y’know? Some times it’s when I’m working in with someone on the same machine.

In this case it was the latter. This takes place in the first few months I ended up unfortunately stationed in Korea. The gyms in here obviously don’t place any emphasis on leg strengthen days, so I was of course on the one squat rack sharing with another individual. Through various small-talk we discussed many superficial topics covering through all the bases of proper equitte when you’re forced to talk to someone. Mainly all the questions were directed at me and I gave proper responses so I shot back with if he was an Officer of some sort since he looked type. He responded back with he wasn’t in, and his wife was. Immediately I started to laugh at his face, now let me explain. It’s not that I have some sort of problem with women being the main bread winner, fuck I would love to have a sugar mama. Shit, if you’re fine with having spaghetti every night you can work your ass off I’ll just kick it at the house; but see my brain has this funny thing of taking a moment and building an intricate story immediately.

Now in military communities they have a program called FRG which stands for “Family Readiness Group” which bands military wives together to pass info down on deployed soldiers and their current needs. It’s a great program which enables families to be in the loop of their loved ones over seas, far too often in these programs the spouses tend to have a “hierarchy” based off their spouses rank. Far too often wives tossed their husbands rank around and demanded respect based off nothing they’ve earned. So, when he mentioned that he was actually a dependent himself it spun my head into thinking he was doing the same. Never got to explain that, he sort of just walked away from me when I started laughing. So many months after I still run into the same person and every once awhile he shoots a glare at me.

Sorry man, didn’t mean to offend you. Hopefully my blog becomes popular enough for you to know that.

Other than that I’ve been pretty busy bird these past couple of days so I haven’t been able to keep my promise since I suck. It’s okay though karma came back and I have a sunburn on my fucking forehead, as a black man I’m kind of ashamed of that. I should at least keep one pro of being black but looks like I don’t have that super power of sun ray resistance like I should.



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