FRG’s and Bullshit

My daily interactions with strangers are often awkward at best, most often I’m referring to the forced small talk when another individual and yourself are in some sort of confide space of some sort.

It’s no secret that I’m the literal definition of gym rat; one thing I’ve noticed is the bigger I got the more times I ended up with conversations with random strangers. Not that I’m against it by any means, its just when I’m working out I tend to zone out consciously to my various playlists even one I affectionally named “fucking cunts.” Some times it’s just newbies interested in how to gain size or strength, I usually can’t provide them an answer other than hey just lift heavy y’know? Some times it’s when I’m working in with someone on the same machine.

In this case it was the latter. This takes place in the first few months I ended up unfortunately stationed in Korea. The gyms in here obviously don’t place any emphasis on leg strengthen days, so I was of course on the one squat rack sharing with another individual. Through various small-talk we discussed many superficial topics covering through all the bases of proper equitte when you’re forced to talk to someone. Mainly all the questions were directed at me and I gave proper responses so I shot back with if he was an Officer of some sort since he looked type. He responded back with he wasn’t in, and his wife was. Immediately I started to laugh at his face, now let me explain. It’s not that I have some sort of problem with women being the main bread winner, fuck I would love to have a sugar mama. Shit, if you’re fine with having spaghetti every night you can work your ass off I’ll just kick it at the house; but see my brain has this funny thing of taking a moment and building an intricate story immediately.

Now in military communities they have a program called FRG which stands for “Family Readiness Group” which bands military wives together to pass info down on deployed soldiers and their current needs. It’s a great program which enables families to be in the loop of their loved ones over seas, far too often in these programs the spouses tend to have a “hierarchy” based off their spouses rank. Far too often wives tossed their husbands rank around and demanded respect based off nothing they’ve earned. So, when he mentioned that he was actually a dependent himself it spun my head into thinking he was doing the same. Never got to explain that, he sort of just walked away from me when I started laughing. So many months after I still run into the same person and every once awhile he shoots a glare at me.

Sorry man, didn’t mean to offend you. Hopefully my blog becomes popular enough for you to know that.

Other than that I’ve been pretty busy bird these past couple of days so I haven’t been able to keep my promise since I suck. It’s okay though karma came back and I have a sunburn on my fucking forehead, as a black man I’m kind of ashamed of that. I should at least keep one pro of being black but looks like I don’t have that super power of sun ray resistance like I should.



Distance & Social Media.

When I deployed in Afghanistan back in 2011 for my only “combat” (Arty guy in a major fob) deployment in my so far five year stint in the army, being nineteen years old and having friends who were 26+ I was expose to adult problems they faced back in the States. One of the most prevalent issues in military culture being marriage itself, its often a cluster fuck involving many children, almost always a horrible divorce, and former spouses winning the eighteen year lottery. So naturally, I was always a bit curious in what the older heads opinions were on at life. One day while working with my Battery Commander I had asked if him being away got easier with his wife the more deployments he had.

To paraphrase what he told me, which he said it doesn’t. I furthered inquired into his reasoning behind his answer and the way he explained it to me made sense. Any sort of relationship you have with a person whether being significant other, friend, or family is entirely based on things you experienced together. You never stop growing as a human being, you are constantly being shaped by your environment until the day you meet your end. So when you do come home it’s like you’re meeting a completely new individual.

Another analogy to this I believe that was said by Duncan Trussell during a podcast of the “Joe Rogan’s Experience.” (which is pretty good btw) Imagine that there’s two different sailing boats each with an azimuth that’s one degree off from the other. You could leave from the same port but over time you’ll end up in two completely different locations. Which I find also very true if you are slightly off on your azimuth during land navigation, which I found out the hard way during the STAR course in selection.

2012-01-27-Strip_175_Back_Home_webrelevant terminal lance comic

With each passing year I’ve been finding that more true than not, I’m sure this is a subject pretty much most twenty four year olds now experience. After school, who do you hang with? It eventually starts to boil down to those around you, who are most convenient to interact with. I think it’s a concept we need to embrace more, it forces change.

The more years that had come and gone the more I found this to be true, like I said before this encompasses everyone you ever know. Occasionally when I drop a leave packet to head back to my hometown you seem to notice it by increments, it came to a point where I can’t even recognize some of my own family. As melodramatic as that seems I think social media has added an interesting dimensions to this phenomena. You’re updated daily on the ongoings on people who had maybe a small blimp in your life, and it gets exhausting to see it strangely. I almost feel it violates the natural way of the passage of things, there’s just some you have to let go at a certain point.

It’s definitely one of the reasons why I want to move to a different state when I do come to my end of service date, I’ve spent a long time gone I’ve survived so far so what’s the point to coming back to what you were familiar with? One of my goals in this life is to find a center or a balance in perspective, I want to soak in experiences of new and different people.

Just live an interesting life I guess. Whatever that maybe, I’m ready for it though.

Multi-Cam Hats

Throughout time there has been articles of clothing that correctly portray a person(s) personality. Items such as MMA apparel such as Tap out shirts, SRH, or Metal Mulisha have been identified as douche wear. I’m no fashion police, I just notice whats trendy and the types of people I don’t like.

The multi-cam hat has now fit in the category of douchebag in the military for me, let me explain…

There was a time not to far distant that the owners of these hats were usually high speed, throat cutters in the military. These guys worked their asses off to get selected, be trained, and operate at a op tempo higher than most units with less people. These people were operators, literal definition of badass. Now with each Navy Seal movie that comes out more and more people buy these hats, more and more people front as if they are these very same people when it fact its usually just some fat fuck who hasn’t passed a Physical Fitness test in months.

They want to be these guys
They want to be these guys
but look like these guys.
but look like these guys.

Look, I understand you want to look like your heroes you dream of. In fact, I’m guilty of buying this hat too once. I wore it and immediately felt like an idiot, like you should to. At the very least just be in shape, somewhat. Nothing irks me more than seeing a piece of shit rock super tactical gear to pass off as being a combat tested soldier especially if I know personally you suck.

Lets be objectively honest here, you’re not tricking anybody with that on. Find it within yourself to throw it away and just get a normal hat for once. Y’know like a normal human being that you are. There is no need for it and if you want to search it within yourself to be an elite warrior, then go for it; not the apparel go out there and do it like Shia Labeouf once said.

That’s just my honest opinion and many others who quietly share it, I’m just way more vocal, rude, and forthcoming than most. On the other side of things, I am a nobody so don’t let my personal opinions effect your life. In fact, I’ll probably respect you more if you shoot back with a fuck you after I express mine.

Although, if you are going to continue to wear it; I request that you are constantly doing deliberate tactical movements. I want you to go grocery shopping clear out all the aisles, and take down the nearest cashier screaming at him or her not to move. Whilst, searching all his or hers pockets for valuable PIR.

I want you to refuse to open doors like a normal human being, kick them in. You’re so fucking tactical bro.

I’m just a hater though.

Stop being dicks to Law Enforcement America.

Every couple of weeks or so a video surfaces displaying a dumb ass citizen flaunting his/her knowledge on rights in dealing with law enforcement. Followed by a series of comments of immature individuals typing “fuck the cops” or “fucking pigs” etc etc.

Usually they were either pulled over, or doing something extremely stupid like carrying an assault rifle attached to a hundred round capacity drum.

I can't make this shit up
To be fair you have to be pretty aggressive with South West

Now it isn’t illegal to do so in Atlanta, Georgia as long as you don’t go passed the gates the question should be why would you? If you are answering well because its muh rights! Fuck you, you’re the worst kind of people. Not only are you making everyone else uncomfortable with your low IQ ass, you are tying up the emergency department lines with everyone calling you in. As history shows civilians with weapons are usually up to no good. The only time I find acceptable to be so armed to the teeth is if the zombie apocalypse is happening, or other serious conditions in which you should probably walk around with a weapon. Last time I checked this was America a first world country, where relatively you are pretty safe from the day to day bullshit that third world countries go through. Let me be clear, I’m not some advocate of gun control I do believe certain individuals definitely need weapons. Typically these are people who live somewhere far in the backwoods where they actively have to deal with the danger of animals or survival where emergencies services will take to long to respond, or altogether just don’t exist.

These are the same type of people convinced that the military and police department across the nation is in on some big conspiracy to run a martial law like environment. While its a good thing to know your rights as a citizen of the United States don’t be a dick unless you have good reasoning being so. So in my eyes if you are definitely doing something seriously illegal, go ahead and express your rights in not talking to police when you are stopped. Lawyer up and follow the advice of a law professional instead of these pseudo-law knowledgable Youtuber.

As far as I’m concerned this video touched on all topics of your rights against law enforcement. There doesn’t need to be any more examples of this.

Empathize a little with law enforcement they have a tough job, and make some tough calls that normal people don’t make on a day to day basis. Besides that point no other occupation has such unified hate against a profession unlike Police Officers, some people will actively seek to kill a cop. That’s an insane mentality to have to acknowledge when you are on duty, you never know when a fucker is going to decide he’s going to be the one to test you.

At least in the military you have a defined enemy, you’re in a hostile environment you have to stay vigilant. Once you get home though you could at least let your hair down for the most part, in contrast to being a police officer where you have to worry about other Americans coming after you.

That being said I’m a fan of body cameras, they eliminate the guessing game if the Officer was in the right or wrong. We should definitely go after those individuals that do abuse their power. Recently another video surfaced up where two Officers confronted an individual in a Applebee’s who was suspected of stealing alcohol from a local walmart. Both Officers were wearing body cameras luckily as the situation turned worst when the suspected pulled out a gun, and both officers reacted with deadly force. While the gun turned out to be a BB gun, during the exchange you really couldn’t identify if it was real or not. That’s the shit normal people shouldn’t be experiencing occasionally ever. That’s the type of situations people against law enforcement can’t let sink in their minds, I know for one I would have reacted the same way. Your life is valuable, in my mind they made the right decision.

One of the biggest issues humanity faces in general is the lack to see the point on the other side. If we can step back and be absolutely objective we could probably step closer in the right direction of obtaining that utopia that our future generations deserve.

My Blog Just Literally Broke the Internet and People Literally Can’t Even.

I’m an active internet user if this isn’t already obvious by the fact I have a site where I spout my opinions on mostly trivial topics, and write shit short stories.

So I’m pretty opted into growing trends of the interweb and speak. One of these trendy hipster topics is articles using the word “broke” to describe widely distributed content such as videos, pictures, or passages.

In this buzzfeed-esque world I only pose one question. Why? Didn’t viral already met the definition of widely distro content? Granted, I guess you could say the same about viral but at least it made sense. Like viruses on a rampage throughout your body destroying what it can and replicating itself in devilish fashion, hey I could get behind that.

The critical mass of writing this came to me when I seen a video of a Mom and Daughter duo dancing to the song “Watch me Nae, Nae.” Now I won’t link the video because you probably already seen it, its an okay video I didn’t watch in its entirety because I much rather watch videos of German Sherpards being awesome as fuck. But, yes it definitely was adorbz lulz. The video beguns by a little girl talking shit about her pregnant mom saying, hey she’s fat don’t make fun of her she’ll rock it. Something along those lines. I didn’t feel any different watching it although, just in my mind I confirmed that said videos exist and I went on my day.

Maybe I wasn’t the target audience in fact I most definitely wasn’t. But, for once when someone describes a video as it “broke” the internet I want some rolling black outs. I want 24 hour news coverage of earthquakes, destroyed homes, the fucking decay of society that was directly attributed to said content before that word is used again in that matter.

Where did this all began? I blame that business savvy Kim K with her plastic garbage ass picture.
Upon further review I think that’s actually a dress, but say what you will about Kim Kardashian nobody gets a return value like she did from sucking an washed up R&B singers dick.

Much respect Kimmy.

The satan owned enterprise buzzfeed capitalized on this and just ran with it, now nearly every content buzzfeed steals and publishes has the word “broke” somewhere. Recently, I’ve been seeing buzzfeed videos where writers do various things like taste foreign foods, and defined common girls names. I admit that some of it actually did in fact made me laugh or agree with them just a little bit as I mindlessly clicked the OMGZ AWESOME tag but I have to stay true to myself and hate buzzfeed for all that it encompasses.

Also can I say that all the writers look exactly as I imagined them to be? A bunch of pussies with beards, and non prescription glasses. I’m probably only hating because I’m not a buzzfeed writer yet. Until then fuck them!

Growing trends somewhat annoy me, I don’t know what it is. The copy-paste unoriginal phrases is just disgusting. I liken them to the selfie sticks, which I still find stupid but also run very rampant around the world. I also respect people actually using the selfie stick because I don’t have the self confidence to pull that out in public, but they do. So I’m more realistically at a net-zero with it overall.

A buzzfeed writer wishing he had friends.
A buzzfeed writer wishing he had friends.
May the gods have mercy on our souls.