Something Something Rebel flag.

Howdy yall this is your redneck country christian, god fearing, gun toting, tobacco dip spitting, immigrant hating, I says I be the best patriot in this god damn great nation! BUT YOU LIBERAL DICK SUCKING TREE HUGGIN GREEN PEACE LOVING SENSTIVE PANSIES AIN’T NEVA TAKING MY FLAG DOWN. My Pappy had this flag, his pappy had this flag, and his pappy had dis flag. MUH HERITAGE!


That was me impersonating a stereotypical redneck in America, I promise I’m much better in person. I spent years in the army with the most back woods human beings you could ever see, they’ve rubbed off their culture on me quite a bit. Which brings me to my point of this much heated discussion, should we bring the confederate flag down? My answer. Who gives a fuck.

Notably, this conversation was brought on to the table by a derange idiot who felt the need to murder nine people in a church he was welcomed to based off the color of their skin. Now I’m not saying it isn’t a tragedy it definitely is, but the fact is the battle flag of General Lee was never even flown for the confederacy and ultimately its completely irrelevant to the issue we have on hand. Why do people suck so much?

You see, a flag didn’t cause someone to have these beliefs just like a nazi flag doesn’t automatically make you hate jews. Just like an ISIS flag doesn’t make you a psychotic fighter bent on creating a caliphate. Or the fact you have a rainbow filter on your facebook doesn’t automatically make you gay. I don’t know if people realize this with or without this flag we will still have an issue with people fostering said beliefs. Yes, it may have fucked up history behind it. Yes, it may be symbolic for some of hate. To others for some reason it represents their “heritage”. The fact is regardless we aren’t doing anything active to destroy that.

In the medical field there’s a phrase called symptomatic treatment, where you treat symptoms but not the underlying cause. It may make someone feel better, but the fact is they still have super non GMO, gluten free aids. They are going to decay, you may have made their lives a little easier but you never eliminate the cause.

While you were busy engaging in heated debates online with co-workers, friends, family alike. We become distracted by whats really important. Censorship has never really solved shit, you just now have people in the closet of their feelings. What should be happening is discussion points are brought out, lets ask whats the beef?

Not everyone I’ve met sporting a confederate flag was some sort of vile human being, everyone is different, like I’ve stated before things are always interpreted differently by different people. So instead of the out right disgust maybe you should just challenge the individual on what exactly are they trying to portray? At the very least, it identifies people who you don’t want to associate with.

Maybe we should try to understand each other more than forcing people to comply with what we see fit, you know, like how your right to live your life how it should be.


To Live Or Die in Korea.

This blog is dedicated to my dear celiac having gluten free friend Brian Crawford

Before I start I have to apologize for the shit blogs I’ve posted up months apart, I’ve been quite busy with a lot. Went through a mid life crisis for like the seventh time in my life, even though I’m twenty four. Mentally I was that solo guy in a dirty motel room sitting down on the only piece of furniture available…a half broken table with several racial epithets carved into it like a gas station bathroom. Taking shots of Jameson like a deranged man, dirty wife beater, beer belly and a appetite for destruction!!!!!!

Alright, I digress though for the past five months or so I’ve been living in South Korea. South Korea is an amazing country, when I get to get outside of Camp Casey or I like to affectionally call Aucshewitz. Finally, I’m overseas in a place where there really isn’t an actual war going on. Now of course the big bad North Korea is just ten miles north of me but I haven’t felt too worried about anything. South Korea is rich with culture and has its own little quirks about it such as any other country, cool thing about South Korea is that it came out of a major fucking war fifty some years ago that completely decimated the country.

The aftermath of the North Korea, South Korea war.  North Korea was backed by the chinese in the later parts of the war, South Korea was backed by America. Hence why I'm here today.
The aftermath of the North Korea, South Korea war.
North Korea was backed by the chinese in the later parts of the war, South Korea was backed by America. Hence why I’m here today.
Seoul today, booming economy and so much liquor to consume.
Seoul today, booming economy and so much liquor to consume.

Seoul in South Korea is monster-sized city with many districts such as the famous Gangnam which you may remember as a Youtube video back in 2011-2012 era of life.

I still can't do this dance.
I still can’t do this dance.

This blog is going to reflect on the contrast between America and South Korea that I have noticed while my short time of existence on this plane of reality.

First and foremost the one thing I immediately noticed was the cities in South Korea, now coming from America I had never really been in big cities especially in my adult life. Most of my time from eighteen till twenty four has been spent in rural desolate locations such as Fayetteville, North Carolina. South Korea for as small as a country it is houses major bustling cities everywhere, with the exception of dongdoucheon which is the surrounding city around Camp Casey. Five minutes away we have jihang which like most cities tend to build up, skyscrapers are common and are plentiful across the land. Which makes for cool sights for a small time child like myself, and flashing lights and ADs are everywhere constantly distracting me with their blinding brightness that illuminate the night sky. In a way its kind of beautiful, it also makes me realize I could never actually live in a big city myself. Too much going on my brain doesn’t have the capability to process all thats going on. Another thing to note in a negative aspect is how trashy the entire place is, now America isn’t always the greatest as well in that spectrum. My short time in Germany had shown me just how clean a country could get, seriously not one piece of trash. In South Korea although theres just mounds of trash where ever you go sometimes the smell could get unbearable and make your nostrils burn. These locations don’t always have a dumpster on sight seemingly it appears that locals just make a conscious decision to just throw trash in a random particular spot. Which kind of gets gross, and detracts from what otherwise would be a cool locations. Now not everything is a city as I’ve mentioned before, Korea has a lot of nature hikes around it. My favorite currently being Soyosan Mountain, that I like to refer to as Soy Sauce Mountain for no particular reason.

so much vibes, so much good.
so much vibes, so much good.

It’s a nice super difficult hike that seemingly just to go vertical forever. The locals around the area routinely hike it for breath-taking views. Which explains why nearly all the locals have massive quads and calfs. As a man who prides himself in lifting, many of the koreans make my legs look like chicken on the stick. There’s also tons of food vendors that litter the area with questionable meat, but you get drunk enough anything taste good with the exception of cow asshole which I ate a couple months back.

My little sister used to always “tease” me about liking asian women, even though at the time there was really no conceivable time I actually thought I preferred them. Now growing up in Arizona I used to really like white girls, then I grew up and just loved all women. At this time, I do prefer korean girls over all. Not cause I find them more attractive physically even though some are just straight magazine beautiful for me , a lot of their personalities are just adorable as hell. Now, I don’t want to compare anyone to dogs I don’t mean it in a negative way, since I absolutely love dogs. Sometimes I get the same feeling talking to korean women the way I see little puppies. Absolutely melts my heart every time, the “aww” factor is strong. Korean women overall are just way much more pleasant to be around with than American women, hands down. Even though I do enjoy my boisterous, very forward American women who do pretty much match my personality at times. I have an affinity for the quiet, reserved women, its like ying and yang I guess like peanut butter and jelly or Republican politicians and their secret boyfriends. In reality though I think I just like foreign women overall in general, maybe cause its something new for me. That being said, Korean women are way harder to talk to than American women not only because of the obvious language barrier, they are also way less forward on what they want. Which most of the time doesn’t work well with my brash “whatz going on bby gurl? lolz.” My Korean friend once told me that, if I wanted to get a number I would have to ask three times for it before I would actually get it. Now, I don’t know who came up with that arbitrarily number but I have heard it more than once from multiple sources. Some of them don’t want to be perceived as “easy” is the reasoning behind that motion. I have gone on a couple dates one off tinder and another that I met at a club down in Seoul most of my time has been spent trying to decipher of what they said, or using translators like I have before with my Korean army counter parts. Which made for pretty funny uncomfortable situations for me at times such as being the only American hanging out with a group of Korean women. I just need to learn Korean I guess.

The culture strongly resembles the west of night life, large clubs heavily centered around copious amounts of alcohol and seemingly everybody smokes. One thing I’ve noticed in particular how the younger generation of dudes carry themselves, most of them are pretty feminine-like, y’know pretty boy types that dress extremely well. Very skinny and barely any masculinity on them, which isn’t wrong hey do what you want to do, but in comparison to me and most of my friends we are large walking human pit-bulls that just stink of testosterone and are too aggressive in petty situations. Now I’m not saying I’m the manliest man, I’m far from in the actual spectrum of male personalities I’m pretty well in touch with my softer side I guess to say. In comparison although I’m a lumber jack who just sweats whiskey and chops down trees for fun. I think a lot of it has to do with the music scene of Kpop. It’s a lot of boy bands who are very metro to say the least, kpop is cool though currently I’m super into a song called Awoo- by Lim Kim. It’s pretty cool, you should give it a spin.

Koreans in general are also very against small talk unlike in America. Normally, walking around you have hundreds of superficial conversations about trivial topics such as the weather, your welfare, and whatever in America with passer-bys. In korea that almost never happens usually you need a reason to talk to people, but when they are comfortable with you or have a reason to talk to you their discussions with you are often deeper into your lives than you may be comfortable with. Especially with the older koreans, I once went to a tea shop and the owner who was a middle age lady began to grill me with questions such as “Are you married, are you a student, who are your parents, your age, where your from etc etc.” Sometimes I would feel like I’m under investigation by random strangers, when its just honest curiosity.

Public Transport
In my opinion public transportation in Korea is far better than most locations in America, they have a pretty crazy subway system that takes you pretty much everywhere in the country for relatively cheap.

A real life maze
A real life maze

Taxi’s are like invading parasites and are super predator like when it comes to trying to take your money. Some try to take advantage of you knowing full well that you are a foreigner and have no idea where you are going, remember to always to tell them to run the meter or just get out of the cab for a more honest human. A lesson I’ve learned the hard way in the middle of the night trying to find my hotel, I ended up stranded on the other side of town trying to navigate my way on my own which wasn’t that horrible of an experience as I do enjoy venturing around in sketchy situations. I’m like urban ethiopian indian jones armed with only wit and a sense of “whatever, fuck it” attitude.

In closing, this is probably going to be a pretty interesting year for me full of growth and new experiences for me. I don’t want anything less than that of sort, and really at the end of the day everyone should try something they aren’t used to. Whether if thats forced on you like most occasions like myself, or you just like to drop everything and dive. Jump the boat my friends, if you drown…well you are going to die anyways so fuck it.

I’ll try to be less of a piece of blogging shit, and update once a week. Sorry I suck!


“The pen is mightier than the sword.” The cliche popular phrase of every twenty something self pseudo-guru-hippie. Well…maybe not most twenty somethings are tattooing a song lyric somewhere in their body, to preoccupied with their seven different social medias to actually focus on old adages. We are all retarded, me included, I fit that category above. I have a slipknot lyric tattoo’d on me but I digress. Is that phrase reliable? Is a pen always mightier than the sword? Do firefighters fight fire with fire? Alliterations is my gift, girl.

Amongst the other pointless blogs I write I’m going to dive into a total non issue, I just feel like expressing another unvalued opinion among the mass of blog entries from people with different walks of life. In physical appearances the pen is not mightier than the sword, if I had a sword I’d fuck up someone with a pen. Maybe he could write a doctors note, saying he couldn’t fight that day. I don’t honor that shit though. I’m not missing the point though, diplomacy leads a long way words can change hearts and minds. Words can make you hold hands with strangers around fires and sing songs. You could create movements with words, ideas/beliefs what have you. I just don’t think words don’t mean shit without the risk of violence. There’s always a delicate balance between the two before any of them can be met. You can’t always fight, and you can’t always talk.

But the fuck do I know, I’m retarded literally.

I haven’t been posted much since I’ve been in the great country of South Korea for the past couple months.
Things I’ve learned…

I love Korean women but goddamn do they wear stupid shoes routinely.

Never realized I cared about what a chick has on her feet.