Supplements for the casual blogger.

Fitness in general has become one of my favorite hobbies to do in my free-time along with being awesome, and black. Photo on 1-9-15 at 12.05 PM #3

As you can tell I’m quite sexy and swole the two S’s of a good life.

Now whether or not if you find me attractive (which I would assume you’re not into humans then) I have been around long enough in the community to give you a short sample of the best supplements to use ever, for a happy workout and overall awesome personality.


1.) Fish Oil- Fish oil is hugely beneficial not for gains or stamina or anything of that sort but for brain power, and man do you need brains to lift heavy objects and put them back down in the ground. Well, you really don’t but if you always want to be condescending and pretentious like I am for in a daily basis it gives you that extra edge on brain power. You can recall obscure facts to impress your friends you hate when they tell you something stupid and you want to prove them wrong. Awesome, right? Yes, it just makes my penis tingle just thinking about all the times I’ve shut down somebodies stupid words with my superior intellect. On a serious note there has been a lot of studies done that shows fish oil is great for the brain. In rats they even found out that those who have been exposed to damaging effects on the brain I.E. TBI’s or aka concussions that they actually heal some damage. So thank NEMO ladies and gentleman those little fishes have the secret in life in them.

2.) Pre-Workout: I’m a big fan of preworkout so is most of the lifting community. It gives you energy beyond you can ever have at least for normal people. Some people are super high strung all the time as if they just did a line of coke and maintained it throughout the day, I for one am not one of those people. I need my morning coffee straight black because I hate everything, and want to taste something that encompasses all my beliefs in a cup of straight bitterness. LOL SMILEZ.

Now of course not all preworkouts are made the same there’s a lot of shit out in circulation now a days. A good preworkout has one ingredient to make your shit go 0-100 real quick, and sometimes thats literal as in you’ll shit ballistic poop out of that weak asshole of yours and wonder where did your life go wrong??? Wear your bicycle helmets people, it’ll be a wild fuckin’ ride. DMAA or 1,3-dimethylamylamine is the secret to a meth fueled workout, and yes its pretty fucking illegal probably for good reasons but still companies like to make a profit out of people like me who don’t give a shit living past the age of twenty five, so usually reformulate and rename preworkouts every couple months or so to get ahead of the party poopers known as the FDA. Criminal right? So legally you can purchase these items at your local mom & pop nutrition store if you do enough digging.

3.) L- Arginine- On another note a completely legal and safe to use supplement Arginine, it improves your vascular which I.E. gives you a bigger pump and a little bit more energy from those blood sucking muscles of yours. Also in turn it drives up your sex drive a bit, not so much that you want to have sex with everything in sight but enough so you could tell a bit of a difference in the amount of stiffies you get. Is that a word? I don’t know, I haven’t taken my fish oil today.

4.) Protein- Remember your protein shakes ladies & gentleladies they are the cornerstone of building that hypertrophic neoplasms you call muscles or cancers, the term is dual depending on who you talk to. While you can only accept so much daily intake protein a day and you’ll waste the rest you might as well cap out before you tap out nadamean?

OOOOK. I’m don3, here’s a shit blog post for the day. toodles boot noodles.