Leg day part I

Leg exercises are an important component to overall fitness. Squats along with deadlifts and bench make up the exercise the majority of the muscle groups in your body. Whether your goal is to get a nice toned legs and ass so you could attempt to ‘break the internet’ like our beloved leader Kim K did, or you’re in it for strength you could tweak some of these exercises below to meet your goals. If you don’t know much about strength training in general just remember the general rule is three sets of a progressively heavier weight. For example lets say for squats you start at 135 pounds on your first set, complete ten reps of the given weight and move further up in weight while subtracting two reps on your next set. You can modify however accommodates you, thats just the general standard. For toning keep in mind generally speaking low weight, high reps for a set of five. Although really a lot of looking tone deals with largely what your diet consists of, your daily intake and output of calories as such. I won’t be getting into the weeds on that topic though, I’m not well versed enough to make myself look like an idiot explaining it. I can assure you that the information is out there if you use the all knowing, all wise, and spellcheck provider search engine google. What I will be getting into is various leg exercises for the novice or curious reader.

Body Weight Exercises
Calisthenics are great, its convenient form of exercise since little to no equipment is needed to perform the majority of exercises. I would actually say all but I don’t enough yet to jump the gun on that. Along with developing muscular endurance and strength you will also improve on your cardiovascular health as well, don’t let this be an excuse on running routinely although.

Jumping Squats
Jumping squats suck, I mean that in the good type of suck that you kind of hate yourself while doing it. I prefer this version over the regular body weight squat which can get mundane rather quickly, plus everyone around you will think you’re the coolest kid on the block as you soar to great heights like an eagle searching for freedom in the sky. Excuse my poor metaphors I’m also not very funny as I’m frequently told by my mother. I digress although, jumping squats are perform much like the regular squat except you…jump at the end. Simple? No? Well, for those still confused on the subject I provided a picture below.


Jumping Lunges
Jumping lunges much like the jumping squat should be self explanatory to you, thats assuming if you know what the term lunges mean. Think of it as a extra exaggerated step forward, keep your back straight looking straight forward and quickly jump to switch legs in one motion. It can be a complicated movement if you’re drunk or just uncoordinated person born with two left feet.

How cool is that? This also doubles as a great go to dance move, people won’t get enough of you and probably confuse you with Chris Brown for dancing so awesome. I know this since I had been pulling this move since 95′ let me tell you…I can’t keep women off of me.

Calf Raises
One of the easiest exercises to perform, simply shift your weight to the balls of your feet as you raise yourself up on your toes. It takes little effort and attention to perform so you can have fun arguing with people with twitter, ignoring phone calls from work, or trying to find that “right” song that describes your mood. Pon De Replay people, Pon De replay.

Calf raise yourself into Rihanna's beautiful arms.
Calf raise yourself into Rihanna’s beautiful arms.

Mountain Climbers
Technically more of an core workout than a leg workout, when done correctly it improves the usage of your hip flexors which aids in you getting down on those squats, or twerking in public since you have no shame. I couldn’t even began to actually describe the exercise without being able to show you face to face, so a video in lieu of my great presence will have to unfortunately do.

Fuck Start Your Legs

This is a little routine I do before I start any leg day to get myself nice and warmed up for the weights. Its a bit ridiculous I’m aware, and I don’t do this without sucking as well but thats the glorious part of this world, if it doesn’t suck you’re not doing enough.

Twenty reps of each of the above exercises (Jumping squats, Jumping Lunges, Calf Raises, and Mountain Climbers in that order.) for five sets for a total of my favorite number of 100 if you’re a mathematician like myself. If you’re not doing it for yourself do it for drake, I can’t think of either zero or one hundred without thinking of that really awesome cool amazing beautiful great song. Too many adjectives you say? It’s two thousand fifteen I’ll maintain my stance hater.

Weight lifting
Alright, lets get it humans. This is what we’ve all waited for patiently as you scroll carelessly down my blog lets lift some shit and put it down. In this section I will go over some of my favorite machines and weighted movements that I think you should give a shot.

Goblet Squat
Goblet squats are awesome for trying to get a correct form of a squat down without using a bar and a rack. Aim for a correct form when conducting any exercises, especially for those that include weights to prevent injuries and actually accomplish what you intend to.

Step 1: While standing, hold the top end of a dumbbell with both hands near your chest.
Step 2: Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees, your elbows should brush the insides of our knees as you lower.
Step 3: Pause, then slowly return to the starting position.

When doing this exercise along with doing squats with a bar maintain your head position level or look up to force your back straight as you perform the exercise.


Good Morning!
Good mornings don’t have to be performed in the morning contrary to popular belief ha ha! Dad jokes, I’m awesome. They are great for hamstrings which are the muscles on the back of your thighs, they also strengthen your lower back as well. You don’t have to do a lot of weight to feel this exercise, make sure you take care to keep proper position so you are not inadvertently hurting your back.

Step 1: Hold a barbell with an overhand grip so that it rests on your upper back and not on your neck. Set your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent while keeping your back straight.

Step 2: Gradually bend forward using your hips to lower your chest while maintaining the natural arch in your lower back. Keep your head up and maintain about the same angle of your knees.

Step 3: Lift your upper body back into starting position.

Barbell Squat
Lets get it people, this is the mecca of workouts the traditional squat. It’s a work of art, every time I get on the rack I shed tears of happiness. I don’t actually but I would like to imagine that I love squats that much. I could get into the details but I believe this video does a better job explaining what you should do than I could provide, plus I’m feeling lazy.

I will be updating every so often with new exercises on new entries every once in awhile, hopefully you got something out of it and if not I don’t apologize for wasting your time.

Cheers! Bitches.


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