Bitchin’ about Bitchin’

There is a multitude of issues within the United States Army which I believe in good faith extends to the rest of the military as well. Other than the seas of fat fuckers who shove themselves into a uniform that doesn’t quite fit on the daily basis, leadership who prove almost dangerously incompetent of performing their jobs, the use of out-dated broken equipment and other unmentionables. The main issue in the Army today is the major disconnect between being a man/woman in some situations and a child in other situations let me elaborate.

Take Private GoFuckYourself, Private GoFuckYourself is a proud chest-beating human warrior out in the rural areas of Afghanistan. Private GoFuckYourself is entrusted with a M240B a 7.62mm linked crew served machine gun capable of laying down the hate on poor skinny fuckers wielding AK-47s & RPGS who are maneuvering to actively try to murder you and your friends on the field of battle. Private GoFuckYourself is expected to handle a firefight accordingly as I.E. a FUCKING MAN. This young eighteen year old stud who isn’t capable of growing any facial hair yet performs as such and returns home victorious from his long combat tour.

Now lets take the same Private back in garrison on United States soil or territory, lets dress him up in a nice clean uniform clean haircut standing tall and pretty for all the higher ups to get a boner watching.

It’s Friday his first weekend home last formation of the day but before they depart for the weekend of much deserved time of, these young studs like Private GoFuckYourself have to stand and be attentive to a thirty minute safety brief of all the shit they can’t do. Such as don’t drink and drive, don’t hit your wife, don’t hit your kids, don’t hit your fish, don’t fuck your dog, don’t swim and drink & so on & so on…

^ I was being serious.

While all these things are important to not do you could accurately summarize this list once with DON’T DO STUPID SHIT OR YOU’LL FACE CONSEQUENCES. 

At this point you’re probably saying but “Mister So/so if that guy still fucked a dog isn’t this important?” 


Treating everybody like a child doesn’t solve this problem this philosophy proves majorly ineffective and all this hand holding is only for covering commands ass from up higher, nobody actually gives a shit about what you do. Rather its only if one would get caught and major implications surrounding that unit/brigade/division/corp whatever.

Approaching a problem like this with a solution above is sort of like taking pain medication everyday because of a chronic headache that you had never seen a doctor about but, even that is less stupid than this.

The solution for all this would ideally be stop letting underperformers/ troublemakers in the army. 

A continuing solution for this is identify the problem child and if the situation presents themselves kick them out don’t drag it out let them go. 

This is an organization run by the youth of America but this doesn’t mean at all they are children, I have met more eighteen year olds today in the military that are way more mature and set on life than some people I know at twenty six. 
and I suck at blogging,


Fuck You.

Insincerely Yours,

Neighborhood Black Man.